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Intro Track from "The Blue King Ep"


"The Blue King Interlude"

Perhaps that was my reward for, all the shady shit ya did oh think God, I’m now grateful.
Maybe If I stand here, just a little bit longer, you’ll apologize, no longer holding my breath, fuck all of ya’ll
oh yeah, oh yeah ooh woo hah

Tell me what the hell you want from me?
Have I kissed enough ass well most certainly
Y'all the ones that trigger these shitty memories
Almost had me when you said the word family, family…

Yo, look, listen

Piss infested quarters, disorder incest with pecking orders
Diabolical niggas sodomizing and Gomorrah the horror
More and more from pain, in my feelings I’m reeling I’m coping
I’m hoping there's peace, in the end, I got a rope and they can’t stand
me used to call me family now they give me ass to kiss, guessing I would be remiss if I chose to simply walk away and let you disrespect my mother disrespect my life now you some dusty motherfuckas ah now you some busters ah now I don’t trust ah now I don’t know ya, ah, you look your king in the face ah ah ah Couldn’t
leave well enough alone salt for my wounds now I'm back up in this bitch tricks it’s all about you, it’s what you wanted, you pedophiles freaks and alcoholics some greedy ass leaches fake bitches done got me started, shady ass trash ass troll she wants it with me, my friends became my foes, whichever the way the wind blows Im a gentleman indeed ain’t no disrespect to women but you? you shoulda stayed in your daddy’s dick swimming you a runt from that litter, you that feces in my shitter, you the reason that a black man morphs into a nigga you done called me out my spot to heifer go pick a plot, but when you coming for the king come with everything you got

Come for me, no idea what a brother got in store, you pulled up evidently you want war and you gon' get everything that you came for, brace for war 2X