The Price You Pay

"The Price You Pay" 
Sometimes, you'll be the toast of the town, other times, it feels like the world could be a better place without you. Maybe that's a pretty extreme outlook on it, but as the days go on I'm starting to realize that maybe I've put my life in people's hands too many times. I see people I thought I grew life long friendships with, turn out to be not so much, but then maybe if I was on the outside looking in, I'd feel the same way about me. I've graduated now, and I really understand that in order to be successful I'm going to have to move a whole lot different than I have been. I see people running so fast toward the finish line that they are simply forgetting the beauty of the race, missing the complete journey. 
None of us know how many days we have left on this planet. I do know this, I have to continue to distance myself from all the people, places and things that do not serve me or make me happy. There can be no more lip service. I have begun to question my mental health again, I've begun to doubt myself again. I feel like I'm falling back into that realm of thinking that everything everyone else thinks is more important than what I think of myself and that is a horrible problem to have. I think I'll focus this next week on letting more people, places and things go. There is indeed a price you pay when you put yourself out there. I think if people are really there for you, you shouldn't ever have to guess.

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