Never Give Up!!!!

This my friends, fans, foes and whomever else may read this, is a long time coming. I have struggled for many years with issues of my past, issues of my present and fear and uncertainty of my future. The one thing that I want you to take from this entry, this very first entry here is that no matter what people say or what they throw at you...NEVER GIVE UP! Don't give up on yourself because it's so so easy, especially in the world we live in today. Now since this is my website, my vision, my passion, this is gonna be a very candid space, space where unbridled truth is told. It will not be held back or delayed or danced around to preserve feelings. It is what it is, I fully expect you all to disagree on a lot of what I say, because let's face it, it's the way of the world these days. Let's make this clear, I am a free thinker, but not as you would think, I'm not on any kind Kanye West bullshit. If you can't handle language, not much but a little, I'm not for you. If you can't handle blunt honesty, I'm not for you. If we can talk here and be respectful of one another even when we may disagree then this may be a spot we can kick it. But if you have already made up your mind that you don't like me then please don't bother even coming here beyond this post because, there's probably nothing I'm ever gonna say that's ever gonna change your mind, and quite frankly I don't care too. I'm here after all this time because of passion, because of desire. I want to thank everyone who has ever left my life, THANK YOU, (starting with you mother) because, without knowing such pain and such loss at such an early age, I wouldn't have ever accomplished any of the things I have in my life thus far. To all the ones I wasn't good enough for, all the people who ever put me down, trashed my name, God Bless You, but guess what I'm not here to concede. I'm here to meet you on any and every verbal street and go blow for blow and knock for knock. This is of course unless I deem you unworthy of my precious time. Simply put, you come with negative energy and you don't emotionally move me? I ignored you from the first word! This place here? is a celebration of music, art, life, and love and yes, sometimes pain. You get it all here with me, I just no longer give a fuck about being afraid to live. I'm here with all my imperfections, naked for the world to see. I thank you for coming!

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  • Albany Posey

    Albany Posey Greenville, S.C

    You can never give up. Man, I read your bio and OMGH! you are a man with God's favor on your life so you have to live it all the way out.

    You can never give up. Man, I read your bio and OMGH! you are a man with God's favor on your life so you have to live it all the way out.

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