DramaSydE is anything but another flavor of the month. This is the flavor that will linger with you for a long time to come. This trailblazer of R&B/soul, hip hop, Christian and Rock has some bright and unique offerings for music fans and a big red flag is going to go up over DramaSydE in the music industry. This is an artist to watch. He writes music that uplifts,  that touches melancholy, that brings angry catharsis, that inspires justification in life, victory and embraces the full light and shadow of the human spirit.His songs are complex and rich and leave a lasting impression. Control Much like the summoner of a spirit, the one who summons a song from the creative well must be ready to take total control, to own the song.

DramaSydE(Michael Cook) was born in Washington D.C. and started performing at the early  age 5 in various school and theatrical productions. By the time he was 12, he began writing his own songs and at 18 performing and headlining his own shows both in the secular and christian worlds. DramaSydE studied and idolized the greats of the day like Michael Jackson, Prince and 2pac, while also the legends like Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Sam Cooke.

Tragedy struck at an early age for DramaSydE as two weeks after his birth, his father was murdered. DramaSydE’s mother who was an amazing powerful singer in her own right, went into a tailspin and would go on to abandon her children putting one of her children, DramaSydE’s sister up for adoption while abandoning her son. Sometime later down the road DramaSydE’s sister’s body would be found in a park stabbed to death. 2 weeks later DramaSydE's mother would meet the same fate in Washington D.C.

DramaSydE would grow up with no knowledge of his history or real family to speak of. He felt that it was one thing to lose his family, to lose your way, but through it all he grew to understand his purpose. Using every memory of his mother that he could remember, DramaSydE began to craft the songs of his life and it continues today. The shadow of the dream lies in wait for the sun. DramaSydE has often said, “Every song is like a new home”. He feels that you just don’t live in a house, you own the house, you become the house.

That house needs love, it needs passion and dedication to be the best it can be. DramaSydE has written songs that have been heard all around the world, and through every door that’s been shut, every hater, every doubter, and any and everything that has ever come against him, one thing has remained a constant….The Music. DramaSydE has lived and performed all over the United States, DramaSydE now resides in Utah( For a limited time now) still working towards the dream.



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